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At Venndorly, we understand the pain points of looking for reliable vendors and securing new clients.

One platform to save you time

We asked vendors and clients about their biggest challenges and the same answer kept coming up - time, time and more time.

Everybody wants to spend their time well and almost everybody felt they were spending too much time looking.

Welcome to Venndorly, a platform to give you that time back and find the right vendor for your needs.

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A platform to help you flourish

At Venndorly, we believe in being open, honest and transparent. We will give you access to unbiased and verified reviews.

Here you will find the perfect solution to match your business challenge, from a wide range of vendors.

Vendors will have all of the tools they need to gather insight from clients and will have access to advanced analytics, machine learning and market intelligence.

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Don't just take our word for it

There are so many L&D vendors out there these days. It can be overwhelming at times, especially when attending conferences or dealing with the impromptu sales pitch messages on LinkedIn. I'm really looking forward to Venndorly. It will help me save time and make better decisions when it comes to picking the right vendors to work with.

Adam Harwood

Head Of Learning and Development @ D&D London


One of the most exciting things on the horizon is Venndorly.

It will help us get the vendors we need and help make better decisions about who we partner with.

Brij Palicha

Learning & Development Lead @ Snyk


I am really looking forward to working with and using Venndorly. As Head of Development and Experiences, I just don’t have time to sort through and sift through insights and reports around learning and development providers or technology. Venndorly is really going to help me cut through the noise, which I am really excited about.

Gemma (Critchley) Paterson

Head of Development Experiences and innovation at Legal & General


Venndorly, for me, can’t come soon enough! It feels like finally ​there is something specifically to support vendors and give us a platform to engage with potential clients. Social media is great but crowded, so Venndorly will allow purchasers to find the solution to their problems much easier - and allow us vendors to build relationships before working with clients!

Tim Roberts

Enthuse Coaching and Training


I’m looking forward to Looop being on Venndorly so people can find us based on the recommendations of our customers. The L&D market is so opaque and messages about what really works is often lost in the noise. Anything that can help bring transparency to the market can only be good for L&D.

David James

Chief Learning Officer @ Looop


Venndorly is one of those ideas that makes so much sense I'm amazed no one has done it before. Procurement processes, especially for small and medium businesses are so painful, having an easy way to interact and find potential new clients is an absolute godsend for us.

Charlie Kneen

Director @ Solvd Togther